Spalletti on Icardi and Nainggolan, 'Now we are stronger because we have two more great players'

04 April at 11:30

Luciano Spalletti, Inter coach, commented on InterTV's after the Nerazzurri 0-4 success at Genoa.


"Thick game, made by a team that has a clear head. With patience, choosing the moments of the competition correctly, when to make it turn and when to hit. With Lazio it had become more difficult because we were frantic and they are a team with legs and technical qualities, that if you give them space it becomes lethal. But those mistakes allowed us to do well tonight ".


How do you assess the performance of Icardi and Nainggolan?


"Politano and Perisic have made an important match, and this has allowed Icardi and Nainggolan to come back to have some benefits. It is thanks to Perisic and Politano that it was easier for Icardi and Nainggolan to reintegrate, then they completed the picture and they were good. And now we are stronger because we have two more great players available. "


Now Atalanta that had done terribly badly at Inter ...


"It always depends on us, that's what makes the difference. If Brozovic makes the team play like this, it becomes easier, while everything gets complicated if he gets nervous. It becomes fundamental to have someone who binds all our qualities"




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