Szczesny: "Ronaldo gave each of us an iMac after the red card against Valencia"

29 March at 18:00
We all pay for our mistakes. On the YouTube Foot Truck channel (via, Wojciech Szczesny told the story of how Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to pay his teammates back. The incident dates back to the Portuguese star's first season with the club.

Everything happened, according to the goalkeeper's story, after the red card that Ronaldo received in the Champions League game against Valencia. They hadn't even played 29 minutes of the game before the referee had to send him off.

And in the Juventus locker room, there was a rule imposed by the manager Max Allegri. Anyone who received a red card had to make up for him by buying a gift to his teammates. And the rules are valid for everyone, even for Cristiano Ronaldo, who was thus forced to act and decided to buy each of his teammates a new computer.

"We all have the iMac. There was a long delay, because Cristiano didn't accept the red card and kept saying he hadn't done anything. It took a while to convince him, we spent about two months discussing, but we all had an iMac in the end," he stated.

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