Tacchinardi: 'Here is why Higuain is becoming a problem for Juve...'

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18 September at 09:10
Ex-Juve player Alessio Tacchinardi spoke to Premium Sport (via AreaNapoli) as he discussed the Gonzalo Higuain case, here is what he had to say on the matter: "Dybala is covering up the Higuain problem since he is scoring at will. Higuain has been struggling a lot which isn't something that is normal for him since he always scored many goals. Why is he struggling? I don't know it could be due to his poor physical conditions I believe. I don't know, it could also be the fact that his struggles in important games might be disturbing him. He has been used regularly by Allegri as they are hoping that he improves but it is very weird that he hasn't improved at all yet this season. Dybala? He is a superstar for the Serie A. It is good to have players like him in our league that's for sure....".

Higuain has scored two goals so far this season but it is his overall performances that are very troublesome indeed...


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