Tagliafico: 'Dybala is similar to Messi; we'll face Juve like Real'

09 April at 19:15
Ajax defender Nicolas Tagliafico has spoken ahead of the Champions League quarter-final tomorrow between Juventus and the Dutch club. The Argentine full-back opened with comments about Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo and discussed other topics such as Paulo Dybala, the challenge of Juventus and Juve forward Gonzalo Higuain, who is currently on loan with Premier League club Chelsea.

"Ronaldo is the best in the world, with Messi: a performance like the one against Atletico can be done by very few people. Juventus are a candidate for the trophy, we will face them as we did Real. We are thinking of possession, care of the ball and enjoying the game.

"Juventus? They are one of the candidates for the victory. And with Ronaldo moreso. We will play as normal, the idea is to approach this match like the one with Madrid: no one would have bet two pesos on us and we are now in the quarters. Let's play differently from Atletico: the 2-0 of the first leg put Simeone's team on the defensive and with Juventus this is dangerous.

"De Ligt? He is surprisingly maturity for his age: he is a boy but he looks like a 26-27 year old with the experience he has already accumulated. He has just started but he is already our captain and has a whole career ahead of him. His name is linked to many big clubs, he says it all, he has personality, if he has to shout he does it, he feels like a leader and he wears the armband without problems. He is not taken for granted at his age, he is a guy who thinks and is physically strong but also fast and with great timing. It is difficult to find such a strong player at that age, he is a true player.

"Dybala? ​He is a great player who can give a lot to both the national team and to Juventus with his way of playing as a left-footed player on the right. In Italy he has grown so much. The fact that he is not a regular player in Juve gives the idea of ​​the level of the team: Paulo is very strong but has beastly competition. If he can play with Messi? Yes, but it is also true that the two are very similar: they are left-footed and are used to coming back from the right towards the center, they actually risk stepping on their heels a little. With a lot of training I'm sure they can play together.

"Another victim of the Argentine system: he had the misfortune to miss a few chances and was labeled as the worst of the national team, as the culprit of the defeats. The negative things were emphasized and not the positive ones, all the good that he had contributed to the national team was ignored. 'Pipita' has had a spectacular career, at very great clubs: and it didn't happen by chance, it just didn't work in the national team. For me, he remains one of the best Argentine strikers of recent years."

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