The guidelines for AC Milan and Inter's new stadium

11 September at 22:20
​Milan and Inter have taken their final decision: they will build a new stadium together and then demolish San Siro. Approximately 45 million euros will be needed to bring down the current stadium.

This was revealed by today's edition of Corriere Della Sera, which then revealed the guidelines suggested by the Milanese clubs to the architectural firms for the construction of the new stadium:

Flexible stadium: The new stadium will have 60,000 seats and will not have full coverage because there is a risk of going over budget. It will have to reflect the sophisticated architectural taste of the city and that bit of exhibitionism that affects many of the VIP fans when they arrive at the stadium.

The stadium must then be flexible and must be able to pass from 60,000 to 55,000, as well as there must be flexibility for premium seats (in this case there must be the possibility of converting non-premium seats into premiums, based on to the type of event).

Colour change: The coexistence of the two clubs also requires innovative and fast architectural solutions. For example, for the megastores inside the stadium, it is necessary to find a solution that guarantees the conversion in a short time given the frequency of the matches.

The same also applies for the stadium colours that must be changed from the Rossoneri to the Nerazzurri and vice versa quickly and without heavy costs (the change of colours must, in fact, take place by pressing a single button). 

Stands and dressing rooms: There will have to be, as is the case now at San Siro, the south Milan curve and the north Inter curve, while there will also have to be two guest sectors on opposite sides of the stadium with a maximum capacity of 3,000 seats.

Inside the stadium, there will also be space for the museum. Attention then goes to the locker rooms: those reserved for the guest teams will, in fact, inspire fear and tension. For the home sides, it will be completely different, of course.


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