The version of Leo Bonucci: “Surprised to be on bench”

11 November at 20:07
Leonardo Bonucci spoke from San Siro, a few minutes from the start of Milan-Juventus, to the Sky Sports microphones: "I'm on the bench? I was honestly surprised yesterday too when the coach gave the jackets. Never, ever, I would have pulled back, these are the matches I'm excited about in. It's a choice, I've played 9 games as a first choice and if it was for me I would have played the tenth and the eleventh. Yesterday Allegri jokingly told me that since I had skipped the first one from former last year, I would have skipped this year too, of course I would have liked to play it, but then the desire to win comes to the fore".

ON THE WORDS OF GATTUSO - "They flatter me and fill me with pride, because before the player comes the man: I have already thanked Rino, his words make it clear what I tried to give to this environment. About last summer, I can say that I have chosen to go home, because there are priorities ".
Emanuele Giulianelli


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