'Toni is not old, he is exactly the player we were looking for'

'Toni is not old, he is exactly the player we were looking for'
2011-08-01 - 15:06

On the eve of the match against Napoli, Luigi Del Neri does not make a drama out of the knockout against Parma: "We have accepted the blow, it was a defeat that burned, which came after a long unbeaten run. During the game we had the wrong reaction; the team had a bad day. But it is also a team that knows how to recharge well. We will play against Napoli with determination".

 There is satisfaction with the arrival of Toni: "He is exactly the player we were looking for: he has experience and qualities as a striker. He would have come anyway, even without Quagliarella’s injury. Old? Not at all, he is in splendid form like Del Piero. We opted for experience, for a player who will give a big hand to our cause. I'm very happy. Other purchases? The club does not say much, but reacts well, with clear ideas ...".

Does Toni's arrival mean a rejection for Amauri? "No. Juve can not afford to be without men in some areas, as against Parma. Better to have two in the stands than zero on the bench. Those who understand can stay, those who do not can take other roads. This is a general discussion that applies to everyone".

On Melo: "Right now he certainly is not cheerful. We gave him a ‘slap’, but we hope that he understood and I think he did. We should not forget the improvement that he has made before Thursday. I hope he takes stock of this moment. He has to understand that he had a lack of respect and it is a technical damage for us. I'm sure he will return to being what he was before".