Totti hits out at Roma leadership; claims he has been treated unfairly

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17 June at 15:30
Francesco Totti is waving goodbye to Roma and has given a press conference, in which correspondent Francesco Balzani has noted the following:

Who is to blame for your exit? "​They never involved me in the technical project, they never asked me to express myself. The first year was there, but in the second I knew what I wanted to do and we never helped each other. They knew my intentions, but they never wanted them. They kept me out of everything."

What do you say to the people of Rome? "​To the people of Rome I just have to say thank you, for how they treated me. There has been mutual respect on and off the field so I can only tell him to continue supporting Roma. Seeing them so disappointed saddens me. Their love can never end. From the outside I can say that it seems impossible to see Totti away from Rome. I will take other roads, and if I were to get on the roads again I will always be ready."

Is there a de-romanisation of Rome going on? With your and De Rossi's exits? "I​t was a fixed thought of some people to remove the Romans from Rome. A thought that was eventually achieved. For 8 years they have been trying since the Americans entered. They put us aside and as they passed the years they tried in every way to do it."

Future of Roma? "​They made choices to sell stronger players to cash in on June 30th. So easy to stop the problems that are on Fair Play. But we need to be transparent with the fans. I've always told the leaders: tell people the truth. A year ago I said that Rome could at most get fourth, and they told me that I was incompetent and that I dream about players and fans. If people want to be teased, it's easy. The truth, however, is always unworkable. I'm used to telling the truth, so I can't stay in here."

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