Totti: 'I won't go back to Rome, Zaniolo? Stop the comparisons'

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22 November at 19:55
Former Roma captain and leader Francesco Totti spoke about his past and his future on Radio Radio. 

"I'm pretty touchy, a little rosy. When I take a path, I finish it. If now someone asked me to come back in Rome, maybe a new owner, it would put me in difficulty, but I would say no because I respect my decision and I want to do this. 

"I want to follow the players and pass on my experience to them, I don't know if this American will come, I have my doubts because then when one puts his hands in Rome it is difficult to go on.

But I hope for all the Giallorossi fans, including myself, that a president will be able to win everything with this team, Scudetti and Champions". 

"For the sake of Zaniolo, let's stop making comparisons with me. Let him do it. I hope he can stay in Rome for as long as possible, even if for me it won't be like that. They could sell it. It can go in many teams."

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