Totti: 'Return to Rome? Never say never! That no to Real Madrid'

15 January at 22:20
Francesco Totti tells his story as reported on

The former captain of Roma touched upon many themes with the most notable of the interview coming when he was asked if he would someday return to the eternal city of Rome and take up a role in the football club where he became the cities #1 icon for decades. 

When asked about his future and potentially becoming a scout/agent:

"I would like to scout young people ... I do not name names but there are many interesting young people, including Italians. I always get involved, I like to know what's beyond. The future certainly holds positive things: I want to see what it holds for me. " 

Totti was then asked about his time at Roma during the final stages and it coming to an end, where he was full of passion and adoration despite any shortcomings in personal that occurred towards the back end of his career:

" I have always had a passion: when there is that for a player, that's all. When you do it with determination, with desire, with light-heartedness, then you get things you never imagined .... then the end must come. It came a little unexpected, but right. Now I metabolized it, but it took me two years, because it wasn't my choice". 

The king of the eternal city was then asked if it would ever be possible for him to return to the club and city that adores him so:

" I have never regretted the decisions even if when I was 25 years old and the Real Madrid of the Galacticos called me I had a bit of a disorientation moment .

In fact when today I see some of those Real players they tell me : but you are crazy, you have given up the strongest team in the world ... I made a choice of love that I do not deny. Indeed it was a double victory to stand for 25 years with the jersey of my favourite team. Would i return to Rome with another role? Never say never! ".

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