Totti reveals the three Barcelona players Roma should fear the most

16 March at 12:50
Roma legend Franceso Totti has given his initial take on the club drawing Barcelona in the final eight of the Champions League: 

"To tell the truth I am happy with the draw because we are among the eight strongest in Europe, so it would have been an equal task face other teams like City or Real Madrid. We will play like we have until now, and we will face one of the strongest teams in Eurupe, but we are sure we can do well against Barcelona, too. 

On paper, Sevilla and Liverpool were the most affordable but then everything is different on the pitch. We will face a great team in Barcelona but I am sure that they too will be worried about facing us. We will go there to play our game and show that Roma can do well against the Blaugrana.

Everyone is expecting Barce to go through but they will find themselves in front of a very competitive team. Football is nice because everything can happen, especially in these moments. To win this competition you have to challenge almost all of them, then play against champions like Messi, Suarez and Piquè gives you more incentive to do better.

We began in a difficult group against Chelsea and Atletico. We have faced Shakhtar, which is a very strong team. In this Champions we have made a positive path, so Barcelona will have to sweat. Messi's match against Chelsea? I always watch it because my son is madly in love with him and he knows everything he does by heart. The last time I played against him I asked for hist shirt because I had sent him 5 of my shirts and I needed one for my son.

Florenzi's goal from midfield against Barcelona? I hope he can do it again but it will not be easy."
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