Ucl review: Manchester City-Napoli 2-1, here are the ratings

17 October at 23:10

Manchester City:

Ederson 6,5: He didn't have much to do but he blocked Mertens' penalty-kick.

Walker 5.5: Not a great game by him as he conceded a penalty-kick to Napoli.

Stones 6,5: He was City's best defender on the night as he perfectly blocked a Hamsik attempt.

Otamendi 6: Decent overall performance by him.

Delph 5,5: he wasn't good as he did not attack much and conceded too much space at the back. 

De Bruyne 7: Devastating first half as he hit a goal post and provided an assist as well. 

Fernandinho 5.5: It started off well for him but he then gave up a penalty kick for his foul on Ghoulam. He has to be better at times...

Silva 7: He did great as he made numerous fantastic plays (76' Gundogan 6: he didn't show much on the night).

Sterling 6,5: He was amazing in the first half as he scored but he then had a hard time with Ghoulam in the 2nd half. (70' Bernardo Silva 6: ran around a lot)

Gabriel Jesus 7: He is young but he is already very consistant. He came up with another goal and he is only 20 (86' Danilo: no vote). 

Sané 6: He moved around a lot but could not finish off the few chances he had...

Guardiola 6: Great first half but they weren't great in the second half. 


Reina 6: He did his best as both goals weren't his fault. 

Hysaj 5,5: Sané and Silva attacked him a lot as it wasn't his best performance. (70' Maggio: no vote)

Albiol 5,5: He made a few too many mistakes at the back even if he won a penalty-kick which was then missed by Mertens.

Koulibaly 6: He played a better overall game compared to his partner Albiol but he too suffered at times. 

Ghoulam 7: He was Napoli's best player on the night as he attacked at will. He also won the penalty kick which Diawara converted. 

Zielinski 4,5: Poor effort by the youngster as he seemed unsure of himself all game long. 

Diawara 6: He is a bit inexperienced but he stepped up and converted Napoli's only goal from the spot kick. 

Hamsik 5: He had ups and downs but Napoli needed more from their captain.(78' Ounas: no vote)

Callejon 5,5: He didn't offer much upfront as he also struggled covering the City wingers...

Mertens 4,5: He failed a big chance as he missed the penalty kick in the first half. He had a few other chances but it was a night to forget for him...

Insigne 5,5: He was probably the one who had the most energy for Napoli upfront but he had to leave the pitch because of a knock...(56' Allan 6,5: He added muscles in the Napoli midfield as he had a solid second half).

Sarri 6: The game started off bad for his team but they then dominated the second half. City dominated the first half and Napoli dominated the second half but in the end, Guardiola's team got the 3 points. 

Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)


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