Unhappy Barcelona winger has Roma regrets

Unhappy Barcelona winger has Roma regrets
2018-02-11 - 18:15
After joining Barcelona this summer, Brazilian winger Malcom has already asked to leave, even on loan. He was almost a Roma player, but then he joined the Blaugrana with a resounding turnaround, but now it seems he would like to take time back and join the team from the capital.

According to Corriere dello Sport, Malcom wants to leave Barcelona as quickly as possible. And he made it known through an intermediary that he would like to patch the rift with Roma sporting director at all costs.

This time he would really land in Rome, with the coat and not with flip-flops, five months later and wit the contrite air of someone who has something to prove. But it will be very difficult for Roma to agree to resume negotiations with the agents, after the surprising turnaround in July.

To remind what happened. Roma closed an agreement with Bordeaux in the morning after a significant raise decided personally by Pallotta. In the afternoon, the Brazilian arrived in the Italian capital but was then recalled by one of his agents who had asked him to return home.

"Do not go to Roma, there is Barcelona. Tomorrow we're going to Spain," he told him. The rest is history.