Ventura: "Napoli vs Juve? Cr7 actually plays, Ancelotti doesn't..."

17 September at 22:45
Ex-Italia coach Giampiero Ventura spoke to Radio Sportiva (via Corriere dello Sport) about the Italian Serie A, here is what he had to say on the matter:

" Cristiano Ronaldo-Juve? It was a very important move for the entire Italian Serie A. People all over the world now watch the Serie A because of Ronaldo. Objective? Well other than the Serie A, Juve will clearly want to win a UCL title now that Ronaldo is on board. Juve have been doing well even if many big clubs have struggled of late. Napoli? They made a huge move by picking up Carlo Ancelotti but he doesn't play on the field, Ronaldo does. Even so, I think Napoli will do very well this year. It is only the start of this new season, let's see how things evolve. I think we are in for a great Serie A season, that's what I think so let's wait and see...". 

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