Verratti ready for 'important' Greece test and opens up about Buffon and Neymar

06 June at 14:25
Paris Saint-Germain and Italy midfielder Marco Verratti spoke at a press conference ahead of their game against Greece on Saturday about the game and his former PSG colleague Buffon.
"Before the end of the season we talked a lot, I knew there was this possibility. He made himself loved by everyone, even if he only did one year, he left us a lot. Living it in the locker room I will remember it all my life. National to play a role ... I think it's an advantage ".
"Players like him must decide when to stop when to finish playing and embark on a new experience. The year was beautiful, with us, it was very important for the locker room even if he didn't always play".
The PGS man then turned his attention to the game ahead.
"In the end, we remember the result. In the last 5-6 games, we did well, without changing the way we play, even without meeting National teams in the first 5-6, we needed games like this for confidence. it has changed a lot but it is a successful experiment for now. We can still improve a lot ".
"In Athens, it will not be easy, they play very well, we have studied them on video. It is a difficult race, there is a great passion and there will be many fans, it is a hot stadium. It is one of our competitors to arrive first in this group. It will be an important test. "
Veratti also addressed his future and that of his PGS team Neymar, "It is true that in Europe we did not get to the bottom, but also other teams stopped first".
" I am fine in Paris, I am now seven years old, the project makes you want to continue ".
"For those who do not know it, there is a different image of reality, he is a generous boy who lives for football and who loves the sport. Training with boys is the dream for every child, surely he is passing a hard time.
“He will miss Copa America due to injury last night, he is going through some difficult days. Nowadays there are envious people trying to put a spoke in the wheel. Neymar lives football in a way that none of we would succeed ".


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