What happened inside the Chelsea dressing room after the Sarri-Kepa incident

25 February at 12:50
Today's edition of  La Gazzetta dello Sport reveals what happened inside the dressing room of Chelsea after the incident between Maurizio Sarri and Kepa.

The Italian tactician gone absolutely mad after that the Spaniar refused to leave the pitch after a suspected injury.

At the end of the game, Sarri and the player explained that it was just a big misunderstanding and that Kepa was able and fit to stay on the pitch and save try to save the penalties.

Today's edition of  La Gazzetta dello Sport explains what happened inside the Blues' dressing room at the end of the game.

"Everybody was waiting for Kepa to arrive in the mixed zone of Wembley but before he came off an English journalist who knows Spanish very well walked inside the Blues' dressing room to decide the goalkeeper's version to give to journalists", the Italian paper claims.

After that Kepa confirmed that what happened with Sarri was just a misunderstanding. "Is anybody going to believe it?",  La Gazzetta asks.



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