'Why Cristiano Ronaldo can leave Juventus'

27 February at 11:35
The reliable economic journalist Marco Bellinazzo of Il Sole 24 Ore, has spoken with Radio Amore Campania (via Ilbianconero) about Juventus' economic strategies. The Old Lady has recently approved a € 175 million bond which "could be used to cover the debts or to improve the growth of the club".

"Juve invest money on salaries and players, they want to win this bet. Their revenue is € 400 million and they can soon arrive at € 500 million".

RONALDO - "I've always said that the project of Cristiano Ronaldo is destined to last less than four years. I believe Juve can sell him before the end of his contract because he costs € 80 million-a-year. However, despite that, having Ronaldo in the team is very good in sporting terms but can also help the finances of the club. After that Ronaldo arrived Juve signed a new agreement with Adidas. They used to take € 23 million from the sponsorship with Adidas, now they will take € 50 million". 
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