Why Real Madrid are 'worried' about Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos Spagna
17 October at 08:45
Sergio Ramos is a very important player for Real Madrid and for the Spanish national football team but there are some concerns of late concerning his high usage (also considering his age). Sergio Ramos has so far played 1.245 minutes so far this season (ten games with Real Madrid and four games with the Spanish national team) and according to Mundo Deportivo, los blancos are a little worried about his high usage so far this season.

Both Real Madrid and Spain have been using him heavily but this might have to soon change. Sergio Ramos is such an important player for both sides as he is a great defender, an undisputed leader and a good goalscorer too. As time goes on, Lopetegui and Luis Enrique might have to "manage" his minutes for him to stay fresh all season long. More to come on the matter as you can view other football news right here on Calciomercato.com. 


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