With Bennacer it's a different AC Milan: his value has already increased

10 December at 19:30
In the last few weeks, Ismael Bennacer has certainly been crucial for AC Milan: directing the play, covering the defenders well and recovering a high amount of balls. After a slow start to the season, having played in the African cup of nations this summer, the midfielder has taken the fans by storm.

When Giampaolo was the manager, he only played three games from start, out of a possible seven. With Pioli, on the other hand, he has only been on the bench twice, which was at the very start of the manager's tenure. Bar the Napoli game (suspension), he has started every game since those two.

For Milan, he has been an important player. He's not afraid of taking risks, and this has resulted in a more vertical, brave and aggressive Milan. If Biglia is calm, experienced and slow, Bennacer is the opposite: boldness, freshness and high rhythm. This has shown on the pitch.

In the summer, the Rossoneri signed him for just €16m after beating competition from Roma, Napoli and Fiorentina, as Calciomercato.com recall. Now, his value has already increased, especially after his performances in recent weeks.


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