WOW! Totti set to renew Roma deal?

WOW! Totti set to renew Roma deal?
2016-25-04 - 20:28
The last few hours have dropped a bombshell on Italy's capital: Francesco Totti is reported to be close to extending his stay in Rome for a further season, according to a number of sources.

This comes as a major shock, seeing as until very recently Er Pupone was seen as being on his way out. Shunned by new owner James Pallotta and on bad terms with Luciano Spalletti, Roma's iconic captain looked set to search for a new adventure overseas... or a role in the Lupa's front office.

The rumour has been partially corroborated by what Roma's Director General, Mauro Baldissoni, told the media before today's 1-0 over Napoli. 

"Francesco and the owner [Pallotta] will officially announce something in the coming days". 

Words that seem to confirm the latest rumours. The following hours should hopefully shed some further light on the issue.