Zaniolo’s mother: ‘Money doesn’t drive him, he’ll be at Roma as long as they want him’

Zaniolo’s mother: ‘Money doesn’t drive him, he’ll be at Roma as long as they want him’
2019-21-06 - 13:10
Francesca Costa, Nicolò Zaniolo’s mother, has given a revealing interview to ReteSport about her son’s contract situation with Roma, the effect that Daniele De Rossi had on his career, and her own weaknesses in coming to terms with her son’s life as a professional footballer, and dealing with the criticism that comes with it.
"He always made a case for himself. Nicolò is a very quiet guy who has had a sudden success and it is not easy to manage it psychologically. But it has nothing to do with the contract situation. A boy like him also needs a psychologist coach. He was a student of Francesco. With the new coach, this came a little less, for example he changed role.
It can be bad to read certain things now as in the past. I’m referring to requests for contractual changes, at the request of money. All this is not true, he does not think about this but only about his job. I have also heard exaggerated comments after the last match for the Under 21. He played a few minutes and took a blow on the head."
ON DE ROSSI - "Nicolò was very close to De Rossi because he was a point of reference in the dressing room. Daniele was also close to him that day when they robbed me in Rome. But Nicolò will remain at Roma as long as the club wants him."
ON HIS ROLE - "They blamed me for showing off at the expense of my son's peace of mind. But I had my social media and it was not my intention at all. I don't get upset by certain comments. I only think of Nicolò's good. I'm quite sensitive but I feel strong about certain inferences and comments about me. They can continue to tell me what they want, I always think about protecting my son. I'm still not used to the idea that Nicolò has become a footballer. I, like my son, have weaknesses. I know that my son does not give priority to money. His priority is to think about playing football."
ON FONSECA - "I don't know if they have heard from him. I think not. Tomorrow we are going to watch the Under 21 match. He is suspended but we will go anyway. It was Nicolò's dream to be there and participate in this competition."