Zeman: 'Juventus? The system decides who win. De Rossi made me out from AS Roma'

Zeman: 'Juventus? The system decides who win. De Rossi made me out from AS Roma'
2018-02-12 - 17:40
Zdenek Zeman returns to talk and, as always, what he says is interesting and provocative. The former manager of Lazio, AS Roma, Foggia and Pescara (among others) has given an interview to the idnes.cz website, talking about various topics.
On his statements about doping: "Juventus were certainly not the only ones to use banned substances. Creatine, EPO, steroids, drugs do not belong to sport: I did it for football. Juventus did not forget, but when they play in Rome and I'm walking towards the stadium, the fans from Turin call me: "Mister, can we take a selfie?". If it has influenced my career? I was not yet fifty, I was considered one of the best coaches in Europe. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Inter were looking at me".
On his difficult second experience at AS Roma: "The team did not behave as they should do .The boys of Roma didn’t want to train. They liked the lighters on table of the masseur. Who put me the sticks in the wheels? De Rossi and the Brazilians: they are not used to working in Brazil and they did not want to do it here, so they had a problem with me. "
On the lack of trophies won: "It depends on what point of view you look at, sometimes the titles are assigned to the table, to those who do not deserve them, I'm not just referring to Juventus, there are systems in football that in every country they decide before the season, who will win, and I do not like football like that, I would like to make pure football and let the best to win. "