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The 23-year-old midfielder Jorge Luiz frello, aka Jorginho is becoming a cornerstone for Maurizio Sarri’s Napoli, and is considered a target for many clubs, first of all AC Milan.
Joao Santos, agent of the Brazilian-born Italian player told Radio Crc: “I have met Napoli’s executives but I haven’t talk about Jorginho’s contract. At the moment our will is to remain in Naples, we hope that this will be an historical season for Sarri’s team”

“The negotiation for the renewal can take two hours or in six months, but considering Giuntoli’s attitude, we will do it fast" he added "To be called by the Italian national team, Jorginho must do well at Napoli, and to play for Brazil he must win the scudetto. He can chose between one of them, he’s attached to both of them and wants to make such experience as soon as possible”