Commenta per primo
One of the most important agents in Italy, Carlo Pallavicino, spoke about his players before the summer market starts. Will Marchisio stay at Juventus? "I think so. Claudio is wanted by lots of European clubs but Juventus want to keep him. Two months ago I spoke to Bettega and Secco about a possible long-term contract. Marchisio will be happy, he's 100% Bianconero and the idea to play at Juventus for all his career is making him excited". De Ceglie? "De Ceglie had 60 appearances at Juventus in two years. Few players have played to such an extent. Both Ranieri and Zaccheroni counted on him even when he wasn't 100% fit because they know that he's a generous player. He will stay at Juventus". Sirigu, the surprise of the season "He will not leave Palermo, he's happy there. His contract will be extended". Amelia? "Amelia has just had a great performance against Milan. Coach Gasperini trusted in him and Amelia paid him back. Despite the rumors, I think Amelia will stay at Genoa next season. However, there is only one team that could tempt him..." Roma? "Yes, exactly. He's grown in Roma's youth team and he was the third keeper when Roma won the Scudetto coached by Capello". What about the Lucarelli bothers? "Their future is clear: Parma. Alessandro will soon renew and Cristiano will return from loan. He's got another year of contract and his relationship with president Ghirardi is very good and he wants to keep him at Parma". Raggi… "Raggi is admired by Bologna. He's on loan now and they want to keep him at all costs. But it won't be easy because Palermo want him back". So, your summer will be tranquil... none of your players are moving! "There are some young players who had a good season and are now admired by many clubs. For example, former Fiorentina Pettinari and Bellazzini who score 16 goals at Cittadella. Then there is De Falco who played well with Ancona and now will return to Chievo in Serie A. Romizi of Reggiana is playing the play-off for Serie B and Nocciolini who won with Pisa and confirmed that he is one of the most interesting young Italian players".