Commenta per primo
Today another major hearing is planned in the Calciopoli trial at the Court of Naples. The prosecution called the former coach of Inter, Mancini (now at Manchester City) who made a brief appearance in court that lasted a quarter of an hour. Mancini responded to questions from Stefano Capuano, recalling episodes from the past: "After a Roma-Inter (3-3) I said to the referee Rosetti that eventually he and his friends from Turin would pay for everything? Hinting at Moggi, the referee is from Turin and so the connection is easy. But I did not mean anything in particular, when one thinks he has been wronged, after the game they say many things in the heat of the moment. I remember the game, not any differences with Bertini, nor shouting 'shame' to Trefoloni after Inter-Lazio, but I often had problems with referees. I only saw Moggi on the sidelines between the two benches just in extra time durng the Supercoppa in Turin.”