Commenta per primo

"I accept my responsibilities, but I want to stay in Genoa". Exclusively for Premium Football Club, Antonio Cassano talks with Pierluigi Pardo about his club Sampdoria that requested the rescission of his contract. Antonio allegedly insulted the president of Sampdoria, Garrone, "There was an altercation and I used the wrong tone. I apologize to him in front of all Italy".

Cassano then added: "I never said old ....." and explains that his future is solely and exclusively in Genoa: "I want to stay at Sampdoria, I say this and I'll say it forever. I want to stay and end my career at Sampdoria. More than apologizing I do not know what to do. Yet they are making me look like a terrorist. I am sorry to embarrass my team mates who were good at getting a major victory with Cesena.