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According to transfer market guru Ernesto Bronzetti, Pep Guardiola will join either Chelsea or Manchester United at the end of his Barcelona era.

“I know Pep well and he is aware that the Barcelona era will end sooner or later. After that, he will join either Chelsea or Manchester United,” claimed Bronzetti.

Bronzetti also claimed that Juventus have done a really good job in the transfer market. “If after Marco Borriello they will sign Martin Caceres, the Bianconeri will certainly become favourite for the title.”

“However, if Carlos Tevez decides to join Milan everything would be different. Amauri can make the difference in a mid-table team.

“In my opinion, Daniele De Rossi will stay in Rome. He is a Giallorosso through and through, Roma is his future and in the end his heart will win over money.

“Wesley Sneijder won’t leave Serie A either, his wage is high and realistically I cannot see him leaving Inter just yet,” concluded Bronzetti.