Commenta per primo

Of the young talent, Italian and not,  FIFA agent Marco De Marchi, spoke to about the talents such as Fabio Borini, Luca Caldirola and Ricky Van Wolfswinkel.

We start with Fabio Borini: After the excellent debut for Chelsea he was put out of the team, what is the situation?
"At the moment Fabio is just thinking about rehabilitation. Unfortunately he underwent an operation to his shoulder that will keep him from playing until the end of February. Sure, the guy is disappointed by the conduct of Chelsea that put him out despite the good work of last season".

In recent days, the director of Parma Pietro Leonardi said he  was closely following the player ...
"Parma is interested in Borini but not only them, it is normal for a player in the Under 21 that already has experience at international level and that will end his contract in 2011. Ancelotti has great respect for him, and this affects things a lot".
Does he wish to return to Italy after this experience?
"Actually no, that is, of course he would return with pleasure to the Italian league but it is not obligatory. The boy grew up in England and he loves English football. We will evaluate the offers that will come but I will not be surprised if he remained in the Premier."

Turning to another talent that you follow closely, what can you say about Ricky Van Wolfswinkel?
"He's doing very well with Utrecht and remember that he is only 21 years old. He scores a lot and many clubs are watching him. He's a very fast player, agile and with a great eye for a goal".

Are any Italian club’s interested?
"I know that Naples is watching him, but for now there is nothing concrete. Ricky plays in Utrecht which is a high-level club in Holland and he would only move to a club that represents a step further for his career. "

Who could he be compared to?
"He has features that similar to Pippo Inzaghi for the goals and Van Basten's for technique and elegance."

Another young man in the Netherlands is Luca Caldirola, youth at Inter now at Vitesse?
"Luke is going down an important path in a high level championship against top opponents like Suarez, just to name one. He is playing left-back, growing from a professional perspective. We are very pleased with this experience".

Could he return to Inter at the end of the year?
"Caldirola is on loan to Vitesse end of the year and will return to Inter. This experience has enabled him to win the national under 21. He plays fullback, but remains a midfielder and has the ability to play multiple roles which is an advantage considering that he is left-handed and there are few left-handers around".

Do you think it is right that young Italians have an experience abroad?
"Absolutely. It is a wonderful experience, a way to grow and mature".

Finally, a thought to another client: Casarini is doing well at Bologna, but with the situation at the club could he change team?
"Federico has renewed his contract at the beginning of the year for 5 years. He's doing good things, finding certain continuity. At the moment we are not thinking about a transfer but much will depend on how the situation of the club will end".