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Some big news on the Riccardo Saponara front: Empoli's chairman has confirmed that no Italian clubs are chasing the former Milan playmaker... but that there is interest from overseas. 

"Saponara is an important player who will one day play a major role for a big team, but we aren't negotiating over him at the moment". Fabrizio Corsi told SuperNews "All we have at the moment are expressions of interest, and not from Italian teams, just a foreign one so far. 

Corsi did, however, drop a hint about who may want to bring Saponara over...

"Then if Roma or Milan get involved we'll know forther down the line, the transfer window has barely opened". 

Empoli's chairman then revealed that he expects the interest will heat up later.

"Obviously the teams who are moving at the moment are the ones who are already certain of who will coach them next season". 

Sounds a lot like Milan, doesn't it?