Commenta per primo
During today’s press conference, Inter Milan manager Roberto Mancini has released some interesting declarations: “Did I expect Handanovic’s words? Handanovic didn’t say anything strange, except that he misses the Champions League. We all do. However, there are clubs that have invested more than us and won’t play it either. Will I stay? I have one more year on my contract: if the club and the fans are happy, I’ll stay. Otherwise, I will reap my contract and leave. I would never stay home with a contract in my pocket. Now, I must talk to the president to understand what we have to do. We have a good team, we need to add some important player”.
“Am I asking to face Thohir? With the financial fair play it’s difficult to realize what we can do, I just need to understand”, he added. “Will I ask him for Ibra? He had an extraordinary season. He can still make the difference, it’s strange that they will let him go, however, I don’t know where he will go. Do I still want Touré? It’s difficult to talk about him now, everybody is criticizing him because of his last game in the Champions League. All I can say is that in Italy you haven’t seen many players like him”.
Regarding the possibility to sign a new goalkeeper, the former Manchester City boss said: “I don’t know what will happen during the next transfer window. If Handanovic wants to leave, and somebody will make and adequate offer for Inter, it’s right to let him go”.