Commenta per primo

"We need a midfielder". Inter sporting director, Piero Ausilio, admits the need to strenghten a crucial part of the pitch: "Forward and defense have been strenghten last January. We now need a midfielder, not necessarily a top player, but also a young talent". For example, Crisetig, a young player in the youth team.

Names? Many, but it's not easy to find the right one. Sahin has already gone to  Mourinho at Real Madrid and Fabregas is just a dream. The world of football is very moody. Let's take for example Fernando or Porto: it took just a missed ball in the  Europa League final to dumpen the enthusiasm for him. Another Portuguese player Casemiro seems not yet mature for the Italian football and the rumor about Banega is not really convincing.

As Ausilio remarked, Inter prefer a low-profile style: "Silence allows you to work calmly and often to save money. We do not speak about negotiations because it's advantageous to keep it secret until it's over. We may acquire players who everybody speaks about or not".
Alexis Sanchez is the most popular name, but the reinforcement for the midfield is still a secret. Who will it be? Modric or perhaps Pjanic...