Commenta per primo
When Inter decided to put an end to the 'Mancini era' and focus on a new coach, they had no doubt: Massimo Moratti chose Jose Mourinho. There were no ifs or buts, they did not think of other possible candidates. The Special One heavily contributed to the club's success.
Rafa Benitez did not have the same impact. The Spanish coach was not Inter's first choice last year. Before him, they were thinking of Fabio Capello and Guus Hiddink. Moratti never fell in love with Benitez. The consequences are well known: the club did not supported Benitez on the market and the coach was soon left alone even in the dressing room.
There is the risk that the same will happen to Gian Piero Gasperini. The former coach of Genoa has been appointed after Bielsa, Mihajlovic, Villas Boas, Hiddink, Spalletti and Capello said no. Therefore, he's not first choice as well. He will coach a great team for the first time and, according to rumors, he will sign a 1-year contract with the possibility to stay for a second year. And Guardiola will be free from Barcelona in 2012...