Commenta per primo


Ok, Gasperini’s Inter has started on the wrong foot. Defeat in the Super Cup, disaster in Palermo. Too many goals taken, their form under attack. But the outpouring of Massimo Moratti, to change the schema and men, dictated by the president is an unacceptable interference for any professional coach. Especially for Gasperini, who will make mistakes, but it is only at the beginning of the project.
 Moratti is perfectly free not to like the coach’s performance as he is free to have his say. But he must also calculate the effect of his words. How should Gasperini feel after a call at dawn in mid-September with almost all the competitions yet to start? Simple, discouraged. If Moratti only wanted to give advice, he could have done so with a phone call. If not in person. While everything in the press feels more like being disgraced in public.
That there is more than a few things for Inter to correct is evident even to those not that interested in football. But Gasperini was chosen in the summer knowing full well his tactics and especially knowing where he came from. Maybe it was a mistake. But the mistake must be corrected. With tough decisions. Otherwise better to continue on the same road, but not to keep repeating "we are making mistakes" at every intersection. Either Gasperini is allowed to get on with it or on to the next one. Assuming you can find someone of that level, that was precisely Inter’s problem this summer ...