Commenta per primo

Since Juventus returned to Serie A, regardless the coach, there have been lots of acquisitions in the midfield, a crucial part of the pitch: Almiron, Tiago, Sissoko, Poulsen, Felipe Melo, Aquilani. All players with different characteristics, who for a series of reasons were not able to make the difference. Many of these players have been trasferred, and others will leave the club this summer. The fans hope that this will be the last restructuring. 

With the arrival of Pirlo and Pazienza (the official announced will be next week) Aquilani and Felipe Melo will leave Juventus. The club did not like the latest comments from the Brazilian, who put him up for sale. It would be impossible to get back the 25 million spent in 2009 when he was acquired from Fiorentina. It would be easier to use Melo as part of an exchange for another player. Juventus would have asked Real Madrid for Lassana Diarra offering the Brazilian in exchange. Conte likes the French player very much and he will form a new midfield with Marchisio, Pirlo, Pazienza, and Sissoko.