Commenta per primo

Beppe Marotta spoke to Premium before Juve's game against Lyon, here is what he had to say :

Dybala- "The fact that many teams like Dybala is the proof that we scouted him well. We do not want to sell our top players, it isn't in our DNA but again it depends of the situation (Pogba for example). Dybala still has a long contract but it is also fair that we give him the salary that he deserves. He has been playing good and he deserves it ". 

Marchisio-  " Marchisio is finishing his rehab cycle, he seems to be in good shape. Tomorrow he will play in a friendly game as we want him to gain match fitness ".

Unatractive football-  "Juve are playing unatractive football? Sacchi's logic is that an organized squad will win easier. We have always needed to change formations (because of injuries and international duty) as Allegri is looking to find the right balance. We want to reach our objectives, if we can reach them by also playing attractive football then all the better. If we are playing bad but we still win .... ".