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    Juventus are the example to other clubs, says AC Milan boss Mihajlovic

    Juventus are the example to other clubs, says AC Milan boss Mihajlovic

    AC Milan manager Sinisa Mihajlovic has held a pre-match press conference ahead of the Rossoneri Serie A meeting with table leaders Juventus, scheduled for tomorrow night at the San Siro.

    What do you expect from tomorrow’s game?
    “We’ll face the best team at the moment. Playing against them can be threatening or stimulating, for me it’s the second one, I hope it’ll be the same for my players. It is be an important game to repay our fans and to finish the season in a different way. I respect Juventus a lot. I respect their players for their winning mentality and hunger. They are the example to our clubs. Technical skills are not all you need in order to win five Scudetto straight. We have to play like we used to do when things were working. I think last week’s training camp was useful to remember the good things we did, but also to analyze our mistakes.”

    Do you feel like players did less than what you expected?
    “Of course it’s not funny for me, we failed to find consistency and I am sorry for that. There was a moment this season when I thought we had turned our fortunes around, but we lost our way again and I didn’t expect that. There are still seven matches left plus the Coppa Italia final, we have to win the Coppa at least. We have to give our best. Results can be casual sometimes, but performances are not. We agree is not a problem of fitness, we have a problem with mentality.”

    Juventus are the example to other clubs, says AC Milan boss Mihajlovic

    Do you think you can leave the club at the end of the season?
    “Like every other player, I am judged for the results that I get. The manager is the person who pays the highest price if the team is disgusting. I wouldn’t be surprised, but as long as I’ll be in charge I’ll give everything and I’ll demand the same to my players. I am not too worried about the future, I’ll carry on doing what I like.”

    How much is Niang’s absence affecting the team?
    “Our strikers are all not very fit at the moment and he has unique qualities, but his absence is not AC Milan’s main problem. Our problem is mentality.”

    Will you give Balotelli a chance tomorrow?
    “We have three strikers eligible to play, I could give him a chance as I could give it to other players. He has to make the most of his qualities. Mr. Galliani believes Balotelli has not done enough to be confirmed and I think he’s right. It’s only up to him now.”

    What about Locatelli (pictured above), could he make his Serie A debut?
    “If Montolivo doesn’t play, he’ll play instead. I am not scared to make risky decisions. If I think I can trust a promising player, he can play. I know it will be challenging game, but he has enough quality and personality to be there. He’s not 100% but he has a great career ahead.”

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