Commenta per primo
On the eve of Milan-Juventus the last press conference in Vinovo for Alberto Zaccheroni, who will leave the Juventus bench after this season. "There is regret at not being able to improve the situation in the standings - the coach said -. I was hoping to find less difficulty. The luck of a coach is to be able to choose and not be influenced by injuries. Unfortunately I didn’t have this. We close at San Siro against Milan. Too bad that at the end of the season you play games already made, because this takes away something important from the challenge". Zac continued: "Because of the situation it will be difficult to start next season with the same coach. I was always portrayed as a ferryman, but I never felt like one. At one point I was pleased to receive signals from the club that made me think about the possibility of continuing. Certainly I'm not complaining today and will not tomorrow if the club chooses some one else. I do not know who my successor will be. In these three months I do not think a day has past that another name has been linked to Juventus. However, the names circulating are certainly of a high level". Finally, a jab at the team: "No player has been as expected, this is a team game, there is not one who is saved. Diego? It is not for me to decide, but if the club asked me I'd give my opinion. "