Commenta per primo

Lazio president, Claudio Lotito, spoke about Ledesma who will be free to go next year: “Palermo have lost three players who were free to go, it's their choice, that means that the player is not really attached to the club. Ledesma is a good player, we made him the same offer as last year, the one he had already accepted. The player said he would have staied only if certain conditions are met, but these conditions are not for us. His agent said last year contract proposal is not valid anymore. Another player, Dabo, asked for more money but we couldn't afford it. In that case, we said bye bye and thank you. I ask to myself, if one doesn't want to be part of a club, why should he damage it? Why should you go for free? That means that there are other reasons, perhaps it's in the interest of the agents, who earn lots of money".

On Kolarov: “He made a choice. I proposed a new contract, with figures three times bigger than in the current one. The player acknowledged our effort, but obviously he wanted to play for an important club".