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    Luca Toni; "Sex symbol? I prefer to receive compliments from men"

    Luca Toni; "Sex symbol? I prefer to receive compliments from men"

    Former Verona striker and now club ambassador, Luca Toni, has been talking to about his new life off the field and about claims that he is a sex symbol. The ex-Italian international explained that; “Since I began working as a consultant for Verona, I have less free-time than I did when I was a player. But as soon as I arrive home to my children and my partner, I am a dad like everyone else”.
    He continued; “Am I a sex symbol? I like to take care of my image as I believe that it is gratifying for all. To get compliments from a female audience is always a pleasure but what I get most pleasure from is receiving compliments from men, for my career and for my career path. Football has taught me values, both in sport and in life. It’s the love of my life without taking anything away from the special people in my life”.
    Asked who his squad of choice are he replied; “I do not have a particular team who I support, I’ve left a piece of my heart at all the clubs I’ve played for. I’ve also maintained great relationships with so many of my former teammates, in particular Giampaolo Pazzini, Dario Dainelli and Franck Ribery”.

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