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    Mario Balotelli reveals who he supports in the Milan derby

    Mario Balotelli reveals who he supports in the Milan derby

    Mario Balotelli has released an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport revealing which team he’ll be supporting in the incoming ‘Derby della Madonnina’.

    The OGC Nice striker has played for both Inter and Milan in the past. He had made his Serie A debut with Inter in 2008 under Roberto Mancini before moving to Manchester City and AC Milan.

    I’ve always been a huge fan of AC Milan, but I don’t want to go too far. I hope it’s going to an entertaining game.”

    ​Balotelli has also been asked about his experience at Nice and who are the best and worse managers he’s been working with.

    “I’m happy to have joined Nice. I was brave because I’ve joined a smaller side than those I used to play for. Nice is the right team for me, there are less pressures here.”

    As for managers, Balotelli’s most hatred boss is surprisingly not Jurgen Klopp who is seen as one of the major reasons why he left Liverpool last summer.

    “Roberto Mancini is definitely the best manager I’ve ever had, than I’d pick Favre and Mourinho. The latter is a huge motivator; it’s a pity that our relationship fell apart.”

    “I have nothing against Klopp, he could have been more patient with me but there was a certain situation at Liverpool so I don’t really blame him for my departure from Liverpool. As for Brendan Rodgers, I was having fun during trainings but he was disastrous with personal relationships.”

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