Commenta per primo

Juventus and Milan are following two different market strategies: Galliani is enjoying himself playing the "Mister X" game and Marotta is telling everybody about the famous 'Top player' who he still has not managed to acquire.

After Real Madrid's refusals for Higuain and Benzema, the Bianconeri have seen their dream of Aguero, who went to Manchester City, fading away. Now they seem to be losing also Giuseppe Rossi, who Villarreal have taken off the market after the transfer of Cazorla to Malaga.

Now the new objective is Mirko Vucinic. The striker from Montenegro wants to leave Roma and the club is willing to make him happy. Sabatini has asked for Marchisio in exchange, but he does not want to leave Turin. Juve could close the deal in no time with an offer of cash, unless an English club puts a spoke in the wheel.