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    Milan-Pescara, match ratings: Locatelli did well, Pasalic surprised a few, Sosa wasn't present

    Milan-Pescara, match ratings: Locatelli did well, Pasalic surprised a few, Sosa wasn't present

    Milan beat Pescara 1-0 thanks to a goal by Bonaventura . Here are our match ratings : 


    Donnarumma 6: Made a few important saves but could've done better against Caprari towards the end of the game. 

    De Sciglio 6: Solid defensively as his tackling was spot on. 

    ​Gomez 6,5: Much better game by Gomez as he was solid in aerial duels. 

    Romagnoli 6,5: Like Gomez, he was very concentrated and played a close to perfect game. 

    Abate 5,5: Crescenzi attacked him a lot and he did suffer a bit. 

    ​Sosa 5: Could've done much more as he did not make the most of his chances (replaced by Kucka 6: Came on and played a physical style of football)

    Locatelli 6,5: Good game by the youngster who was calm all night long.

    Bonaventura 7: Scored the winning goal and showed his overall experience as he seemed to do everything right today.

    ​Niang 6: He did have a fever yesterday and wasn't in top shape. He did hit the post and created a good chance for Bacca who then also hit the post. (Replaced by Pasalic 6.5: He put in a solid individual performance in his first game at the San Siro)

    Bacca 6:Not a great night for Bacca but he did hit a post and ran a lot for his team. (Replaced by Luiz Adriano 6: Like Bacca, he ran a lot for his team in the final minutes of the game).

    Suso 6,5: Always creates chances as he provided at least 3 good assists for his teammates. 

    ​Coach Montella 6: The Sosa call did not pay off but Pasalic did well.

    Pescara :

    Bizzarri 6: Seemed a little shaky but he did make a few key saves.

    ​Zampano 6,5: Contained Niang all game long. 

    Coda 5,5: Covered Bacca most of the game but the Colombian did have a few great chances. (Replaced by Biraghi 5.5: Wasted a few Pescara counter-attacks)

    ​Fornasier 6,5: Good game as he made a crucial intervention on Bacca in the 27th minute. 

    ​Crescenzi 5,5: Good in the first half but died off as the match went on. 

    Aquilani 6: It was a return to the San Siro for him and he did play a smart game but then injured himself. (Replaced by Cristante 6: Almost scored late on)

    ​Brugman 6,5: He was one of Pescara's best players and was a constant threat all game long. 

    ​Memushaj 6,5: He fought like a Lion and he created a few good chances for Pescara.

    ​Benali 6: Held the ball up well for his team.

    ​Mitrita 5: He had a bad game as his mistake led to Bonaventura's FK goal. (Replaced by Manaj 6: Scored a goal that was rightfully called off) 

    ​Caprari 5: Was not present as he only showed up in the final minutes. 

    Coach Oddo 6,5: Pescara played well as they came to the San Siro to play. 

    By Daniele Longo, adapted and translated by Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNew89)

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