Commenta per primo
Milan are looking to the future. In particular, they want a defender who is good enough to act as a foil to the very promising Romagnoli. Who could that be? How about Emmanuel Mammana, the 19-year-old Argentine prospect who was very close to signing with Fiorentina? He's worth 10 million. 

Tuttosport have revealed that Rocco Maiorino, the Rossoneri's DS, is ready to fly to Buenos Aires in the next few weeks to get started on the negotiations. He'll be there anyway to tie up the Leonel Vangioni dossier, and want to avoid anyone butting in and raising the stakes. Mammana is Galliani's first choice, and Milan have accelerated. Will Fiorentina fans regret their club not bringing him in, despite the Milionarios adding a bunch of new things in the negotiations at the last minute?