Commenta per primo

The meeting in the night, with journalists after a meeting of nearly two hours with Leonardo, then the words of the morning, in front of the Saras offices. Massimo Moratti, Inter's president, does not want to crucify the Brazilian coach and gives an explanation for the defeat: "The chat with Leonardo in the dressing room was with a serious person, who I liked doing it with and I think he liked too. Of course I did not find him in good spirits; I think he was unaccustomed to such abrupt changes in the situation of football. It was a failure linked to fatigue. I was surprised by the extent of the defeat, but we already saw the fatigue on Saturday and it is impossible to be fresh again in so few days. How will we start again? "In football you always restart, even from situations worse than this, in two days we had to do everything in two days we have put in jeopardy almost everything, but nothing is final yet and nothing has changed in what was the substance of the team and coach. Let's see what happens. What has changed? Well, the mood has changed and I believe that can help to push more, but my view of Leonardo has not changed".

Concepts that the Inter president reiterated this morning: "It was something unexpected that happened, a lesson. However, the players are always the same and we will face the situation. Many times the things that seem impossible become easier, so let's see how to turn what happened into something positive. It is not easy but I believe that everything is due to being very tired. Leonardo is an intelligent person, who is having an experience that is certainly not easy, and reasons intelligently. The conversation between us was to talk about the job he is doing now, then of course it will expand the capacity of a Leonardo. Leonardo behind a desk or is he still coach of the future? Now we will do what needs to be done on the bench, he knows fully well that that is his responsiblity and we all know that we depend on this".