Commenta per primo
"This is my Real Madrid." Jose Mourinho is already talking as coach of the Spanish club. The Portuguese coach of Inter said in an interview with Spanish newspaper AS: "I want to win La Liga and Champions to become the first coach to win championships in England, Italy and Spain and be the first to win three Cups with three different clubs. I have great motivation, but will not lose my humility. I want a balanced and compact team, which play well to win but is aware of its shortcomings. I am sure I can recover Kaka, he and Cristiano Ronaldo will have to sacrifice themselves for the team. Do not forget Raul, but a professional of 36 years can not claim to always be in the starting line up because few are like Maldini and Zanetti. At Inter, for example, Materazzi was happy to have played a minute in the Champions League final and Cordoba was pleased without playing. We will have our identity, we will not imitate any other team. I will never be the enemy of Barcelona, as I was not of Milan or other rivals. I have great respect for Guardiola, I have known him for many years and I have a good relationship with him". Market: "I would like to take a boy from the 'cantera' and make him a star. Milito is a great striker, and all big clubs were blind with him. I'd love to have him with me, but he is in the history of Inter and' Inter can not afford to let him go. Maicon is a 'crack', a physical marvel with fantastic qualities, a quarterback who scores 6-7 goals per season without taking penalties or free kicks. He is at a point in his career where he should experience something new, I'd like him with us. De Rossi? I think it's impossible to buy him, because he and Totti are Roma. De Rossi has always been ‘romanista’ and I think it's impossible to take him to Madrid. Di Maria is a fantastic player in Portugal, but I do not know how he would be in Spain or Italy. If he were available at an affordable price I’d take him, otherwise no. Gerrard and Lampard? They are two great midfielders who always give everything, then I like players around 30 years old". Goodbye Inter: "A coach does his job best when everyone gives their contribution. I wanted Ricardo Carvalho at Inter, Branca said that Lucio was stronger and I followed his advice. For 4-5 months I had decided to leave Italian football, an environment that burns a lot. The results have facilitated my goodbye, I was focused on results with Inter and I did not want to know anything about my future. Then I realized that Real wanted me and I wanted Real Madrid and a path was born that brought me here. Before the final I had already decided, Inter knew it was not an economic issue and that I would not have changed my mind, it was absolutely certain that I would go on to coach Real Madrid. Now there is a clause of 16 million, but I hope an agreement is reached".