Commenta per primo

Adrian Mutu moves towards being reinstated in the Fiorentina squad. In today's press conference the Romania striker said: "I am here before you to clarify the situation since I have heard so many nice things about me, it is right that I should say a few things person. My goal is to return to play, I'm here to clarify that I am sorry about this situation that is not good for me or for Fiorentina".

Then the public apology: "I realise that I was wrong to leave the team before the match against Bologna. I was ill-advised despite the responsibility being all mine. Hard things have been said against Fiorentina and the Della Valle family which I do not agree with. I have already apologized to the team and the coach".

Then he concludes: "I am indebted to this city and I want to stay here. The fans have always supported me. I spoke to Andrea Della Valle eight days ago to clarify my position with them and Fiorentina".