Commenta per primo


Angered by criticism of the summer transfer market, Galliani is taking revenge. In particular, Milan is accused of having let Pirlo go, keeping Van Bommel, Ambrosini, Seedorf and Gattuso.
Also in midfield, some concerns were also raised about the arrival of Aquilani and Nocerino. The latter has suffered much criticism. The unique hat-trick scored at Parma is the culmination of a series of good performances: Allegri has moved him from the center-right to the center-left, and as if by magic seems to have transformed the ugly duckling into a swan.

At Juventus they are applauding Pirlo. His free acquisition was a bargain, at least in the short term. The talented player is already 32 years old and can not last forever at high levels. Aquilani and Nocerino will not have the same class, but are younger. And both have been 'discarded' by Juventus that maybe in a few years could regret leaving them so lightly.