Commenta per primo interviewed Mario Sconcerti, one of the greatest Italian sports journalist and canditate in the CALCIOMERCATO.COM AWARD. Sconcerti has been deputy director of the Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport and director of Corriere dello Sport. Today Sconcerti is a columnist at the Corriere della Sera and a Sky commentator

Sconcerti, what was the most important market news in your career?

"When I was 20 I reported the news of Savoldi's transfer to Napoli. At that time everybody followed Gigi RIva. Today is difficult not to have news, we work in a team".
The market is on the news throughout the whole year. We speak more of the market than football...
"Yes, that's right, especially in the summer. But when the championship starts we speak less of the market. The market is just hope, the rest is reality. Hope is more attractive though...". 
Who will make the biggest coup between Inter, Juventus and Milan?
"This year the big coup will arrive in the last 5 days and I think Inter will do it. They are more in need to return big again".