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The analysis of Juventus' results this season (27 points in total), highlights the difficulty in home matches (12 points) rather than in away matches (15 points). Although they play one away match more, the last four games showed a significant trend (2 wins away, two draws at home). Additionally, the trend is confirmed in Europa League. Five games, five draws (and Juventus elimination from the competition).

These difficulty are likely to stem from the characteristics of the attackers. Quagliarella, Iaquinta and Del Piero, but also Krasic and Pepe, like to play in open spaces. When they play at home and need to rule the game, these players showed more problems. It is therefore crucial for Juventus to acquire a forward who is able to cause troubles in the opponents' box. Now that it is clear that Amauri is not such a player, also because of his frequent injuries. the club's general manager Beppe Marotta is working on the market to bring Juventus a real striker. No matter if this will happen in January or June. What matters is that Juventus really need this player. The targets are already known: Benzema, Gilardino or Matri in January. Dzeko in June.

Juventus' results
Bari-Juventus 1-0
Juventus-Sampdoria 3-3
Udinese-Juventus 0-4
Juventus-Palermo 1-3
Juventus-Cagliari 4-2
Inter-Juventus 0-0
Juventus-Lecce 4-0
Bologna-Juventus 0-0
Milan-Juventus 1-2
Juventus-Cesena 3-1
Brescia-Juventus 1-1
Juventus-Roma 1-1
Genoa-Juventus 0-2
Juventus-Fiorentina 1-1
Catania-Juventus 1-3

Points at home: 12; Points away: 15

Juventus in Europa League
Juventus-Lech Poznan 3-3
Manchester City-Juventus 1-1
Salzurg-Juventus 1-1
Juventus-Salzburg 0-0
Lech Poznan-Juventus 1-1

home: 2; away: 3