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    Serie A Matchday 13: Bottom 5 performances of the weekend

    Serie A Matchday 13: Bottom 5 performances of the weekend

    There were many great performances in Matchday 13 but there were also inevitably some not as great ones. 

    ​Here is a list of our top 5 flops of Matchday 13:

    5- Mattia Perin : Lazio vs Genoa : Whoscored rating : 5.5 :

    Perin did not have a good outing today as he seemed shaky on at least one of Lazio's goals.

    4- Matias Silvestre : Sampdoria vs Sassuolo: Whoscored rating : 5.5 :

    The ex-Milan and Inter man struggled all game long against Sassuolo even if in the end, Sampdoria did win the game thanks to Muriel and Quagliarella. 

    3- Josip Posavec : Bologna vs Palermo : Whoscored rating : 5.4

    Posavec has been having a rough time this season at Palermo as the young keeper does not seem to be very confident. Again today, he seemed very shaky on a few of Bologna's goals. Palermo have been struggling mightily this season. 

    2- Dario Zuparic: Juventus vs Pescara : Whoscored rating : 5.4

    Pescara did not have a great game against Juventus as the host won the game 3-0. Zuparic was one of the worst players on his side as Alex Sandro attacked him at will. 

    1- Lucas Orban : Lazio vs Genoa : Whoscored rating : 4.9

    Orban had a rough game as Lazio scored 3 goals on Genoa to eventually win the game 3-1. Orban made things worse for his team as he commited an unnecessary foul on Immobile in stoppage time which led to his sending off. He will now likely miss a few games because of this. Orban is our worse performer of the week.

    Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)

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